New Library company

2019 will see the launch of a New music library company involving myself and a host of brilliant composers and musicians, keep an eye out for ProtoMuse Music Library company. This will provide free service access and use for broadcasters and will be of interest to sound editors, directors and producers alike. Exciting times ahead. Any composers who wish to send a demo\s are most welcome, please contact me by email.

Irish silent movie premiere score performance

In the week of 10th October I had the great pleasure of working with some of the best musicians in Europe on the film score of The Informer by Garth Knox.

We had a whole two days of rehearsals followed by a an incredibly exciting performance on the 14th of October. Then we recorded the score at Angel studios over the weekend. It is not often that there is enough budget to do everything right and the way it should be done. A fantastic experience.

I played Uilleann/union pipes whistle and bodhran. Flutes and whistles were played by the wonderful Eliza Marshall, who holds down the job at The Lion King, amongst other things. Mary Skully’s fantastic bass playing is always a great pleasure to both see and hear. The accordion was played superbly by Frode Haltli from Norway. Joey Burgess played percussion, an unbelievable adaptive and amazingly creative performer.

Last but not least, the composer and virtuosi violist Garth Knox, who also played viola d’amore and violin. This has to be one of the best weeks of my career.

Thanks guys for a great week, and thanks to the BFI for putting together an amazing event.