Apocalypto – Soloist, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit – Soloist, Narnia Prince Caspian – Soloist, Clash of The Titans – Actor, Robin Hood

With James Horner at Abbey Road Studios

Soloist, The Four Feathers – Soloist, Closing the Ring – Soloist, Veronica Guerin – Soloist, Gangs of New York – Soloist, Mama Mia – Soloist, The Shipping News – Soloist, Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Soloist,

With Danny Elfman at Abbey Road

Hellboy 2 – Soloist, Alexander – Actor, The Wind That Shakes the Barley – Soloist, The 25th Hour – Soloist, Toot and Puddle – Soloist, Elizabeth, The Golden Age – Soloist/actor, SOS Titanic – Arranger/Consultant/Soloist/Actor, White Squall – Soloist, The Mayor of Casterbridge – Soloist/Composer/Actor, The Moth – Soloist, The Magic Toyshop – Soloist, Irrewigge – Soloist, Taffin – Soloist, Robinson Crusoe – Soloist, The Wild Thornberrys – Soloist, Brylcream Boys – Soloist, Leap Year– Soloist, Knuckleball – Soloist, Gods and Generals – Soloist, The Truth About Charlie – Soloist, The Wicked Lady – Soloist/actor/arranger, Private Soldier – Composer, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Real Story – Soloist/adviser, Christmas Carol – Soloist/actor, Hearts War– Soloist, Total Concept BBC 4-part series media safety training video – Composer/MD, Asheen & the Angel – Composer/MD, Suited & Booted, Amnesty advert The Spy – Composer, Revolution. The Other Man – soloist.

THE MUSIC ARCADE – Arranger/Consultant/Soloist, HIDEAWAY Arranger/Consultant/Soloist/Actor, THE CLEOPATRAS – Soloist, TWELTH NIGHT – Soloist/Actor, SONGS OF PRAISE – Soloist, COLD FEET/MORE COLD FEET – Soloist,FUNGUS THE BOGYMANComposer/Performer/MD (SonyRadioDramaAward) TIME TO MOVE – Composer/Performer/MD, HAMISH AND DOUGALL’S, BURNS NIGHT – Composer/ Soloist, ALL ABOUT A DOG – Soloist, THE DONG WITH THE LUMINOUS NOSE – Composer/ Soloist


THE IRISH RM – Arranger/Consultant/ Soloist, RANDALL AND HOPKIRK DECEASED – Soloist, SAS – SO YOU THINK YOU’RE TOUGH? – Soloist /Composer, SHARPE’S RIFLES – Arranger/Composer/ Soloist /Actor     TALES OF PETER RABBIT – Soloist, THE ANCIENT MARINER – Soloist